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Restorative Workshops

YogaOne Studio - Milwaukee, WI

March 12, 2017
April 9, 2017
May 21, 2017

Join Ali for a session devoted to unwinding the mind and body. We'll begin with gentle rocking movements on the back to facilitate neuromuscular integration and soothe the nervous system. Then, we'll progress to Restorative postures, where the long, supported holds will further support rejuvenation and healing. Cost: $25 Register online.

Yoga & the Lotus // Art of Restorative Yoga

Heading Om Yoga - West Peoria, IL

Saturday March 11, 2017

Yoga & the Lotus - 9:30am-12:30pm // In the yoga tradition, the lotus is a symbol of the awakening of body, mind and heart. This practice will focus on the key actions and progressive preparatory work required for Padmasana, the lotus posture, and emphasize the lotus as a form of concentration and meditation. All levels welcome.

The Art of Restorative Yoga - 2-5pm // For the Yogi/Yogini, it is important to cultivate a state of stillness where deep rest and healing can occur. This restorative practice will focus on somatics and restorative postures. All levels welcome.

Acupuncture in Savasana

YogaOne Studio - Milwaukee, WI

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