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Yoga is both an art and science that balances the body, mind and emotions.  Classically, it includes ethical principles, postural study, breath-work and mindfulness practices to heal the individual.  Practicing yoga is a lifestyle, and research has continued to support the myriad benefits of a consistent yoga discipline.  When practiced moderately, benefits include stress relief, pain reduction, injury prevention, increased flexibility and strength, and improved respiration.


I offer Prajna Yoga focused sessions.  Prajna Yoga, rooted in Santa Fe, NM, is a community of practitioners knit together by Tias and Surya Little with the intention of embodied wisdom.  The approach weaves classical yoga w/ contemplative study, applied anatomy and kinesiology, therapeutic postural applications and mindfulness.  I am honored to teach on behalf of Prajna Yoga by offering classes, workshops, training programs and retreats nationally.  Learn more about our community here:

Wednesday 9:00-10:15am- Hatha Yoga - YogaOne East Side - Level 1/2
Sunday 9:30-10:45am - Hatha Yoga - YogaOne Cedarburg - Level 1/2

Yoga Now - Chicago, IL

Yoga Now - Chicago, IL

Thursdays 9:30-10:45am -Hatha Yoga - Yoga Now - Level 1/2


The Prajna Yoga symbol is the Knot of Eternity, or what Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh calls Inter-Being. Prajna…insight, wisdom, a knowing that arises from direct experience…

Prajna Yoga, located in the high desert of Santa Fe, NM, is a community of practitioners knit together by Tias and Surya Little with the common intention of embodiment and full engagement with yoga as both an art and science. I am honored to collaborate with and teach on behalf of this community as a Senior Teacher.

Specializing in in-depth Dharma study, gross and subtle anatomy and physiology, therapeutics & restorative applications and sensory awareness training, Prajna Yoga is a well rounded approach that honors the whole person. It's intentional, transformational and ever-changing.

For further information: PRAJNAYOGA.NET

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